Meet Us

Learn about the new Open Strategy for a Complex Time model and get your ticket to the digital future of work!

=== Scheduled events

May 22, Webinar, Invited by Tecpoint (invitation only).

May 29, Webinar, Invited by Tecpoint (invitation only).

May 30, Copenhagen, Visiting Best Brains Academy (in Danish)

June 4-7, Bolzano, XP (Submitted for GoHyb and Large Scale Agile Workshops)

June 11-12, Gothenburg, SPM Summit Europe 2024.

June 13, Kolding, IDA Lederforum (in Danish)

July 1-2, Zürich, Open Strategy Workshop (no scheduled talk)

August 19, Århus, IDA Lederforum (in Danish)

(More coming soon)

=== Regular meetups

OPEN STRATEGY MEETUP – sharing experiences with open strategy

LET’S TALK STRATEGY – conversation about strategy and organization

=== The case for Open Strategy – recent recordings and debate

… find more under ‘Open Books

Aarhus, Denmark September 2023.

=== Connect

Iben Stjerne on LinkedIn

Morten Elvang on LinkedIn

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=== Want to know more – or just curious?

Time permitting we are happy to offer an introduction to Open Strategy or CLPM.

Either in a 30-60 minutes presentation or as a 90 – 120 minutes workshop.

We expect you to work with strategy or strategy execution/portfolio management. Send a message on LinkedIn.

A cup of coffee is a good way to start if you are just curious? Or, join one of the meetups (see above).

=== the small letters

This is voluntary work on top of our day-time jobs. These web pages do not ask or keep any personal information. They are build using word press and the jetpack plugin keeps some minimal traffic statistics.