Open Road

Increasing turbulence and economic pressures call for an open and emergent approach to strategy.

The key questions for navigating an increasingly complex business landscape are: Are we on strategy? Can we afford to learn?

Open Strategy is about actively involving people outside top management in the full strategy cycle of formulation and execution.

The open strategy process spins around three overarching collaborations for regular ‘flight’ checks.

As these are scale free and fractal in nature they serve as an overlay to any existing practice you have.

Even the largest of organizations can get moving in days and weeks. Not months and years. It is about reconfiguring, not reorganizing.

As much as 80% of work can be automated or augmented. Tapping into this potential requires a future-proof operating model to pull digitization of work and unleash the powers of generative AI.

Reconfiguring your governance and strategy process around the three flight checks will help you take decisive steps in that direction.

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