Open Road

Increasing turbulence and economic pressures call for an open and emergent approach to strategy.

You stand a much better chance by accepting openness as a native foundation.

Open Strategy is about actively involving people outside top management in the full strategy cycle of formulation and execution.

We have extended ‘classic’ open strategy with an upfront cleansing process (unmess, unlock, uncontrol) and added adaptability as an explicit attribute.

The open strategy process spins around three overarching collaborations.

Even the largest of organizations can get moving in days and weeks. Not months and years. It is about reconfiguring, not reorganizing.

Optimize the process (quality and time), simplify, and then automate if necessary

Michael Hammer

Amending the advice from Michael Hammer what we suggest is:

Simplify (unmess), reconfigure (uncontrol), digitize (unfilter)

Simplify, reconfigure for open collaboration and then explore opportunities for augmentation and automation (digitize) as you best can.

It has been predicted that as much as 80% of work will be automated or augmented. But you gotta unmess first, so that you do not end up digitizing your own bureaucracy and outdated processes.

We also know that opportunity loss largely stems from decisions formed from partial information or based on non-rational agendas. Unfiltering is one of the best medicines for increased resilience and for avoiding overly large bubles to form before being burst.

Unmessing yourself and avoiding blind risk taking stemming by unfiltering is essential for modern day competitiveness. Necessary, but of course not sufficient.

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